On the Move! Baby’s First Steps

There are few things in this world as precious as a baby taking their first, wobbly steps forward as they learn to walk.

Some children start walking as young as 9 months while others begin several months after their first birthdays, every child is different. Regardless of when your little one reaches this magical milestone, it’s important to take stock of your existing child proofing efforts, and prepare your home for this new stage.

Let’s explore the transition from crawler to walker and offer some ideas to help make your home safer as your child moves from baby to toddler.



Most babies begin crawling between 6 and 8 months old. This stage helps baby develop their core strength, balance and coordination skills.

Pulling Up to Cruising

As baby’s legs grow stronger, they will start to pull themselves up, often around 10 months, holding on to furniture or plush toys. Once a child can pull up it’s time to “cruise.” Babies practice walking in a supported way by cruising around low tables or couches or holding caregiver’s hands.

Standing to Walking

One sign that baby is about to begin walking is the “free stand.” Babies begin letting go of the objects they held on to in the cruising stage and they stand freely without support.  Not long after baby realizes they can stand on their own two feet, they will attempt those first adorable steps!

Important Safety Tips for the Toddler Stage