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Bindaboo® 39.4" High Gate Extensions work with the 39.4" High Security or Hallway Gates to extend the width for extra-wide openings to help make your home as safe and secure as possible for your pets and little ones.

Bindaboo® 39.4" High Gates are extra high for greater security and peace of mind. They are suitable for both the top and bottom of stairways, doorways and hallways, and pressure mounted installation means no screws or drilling!

  • Extensions are available in 100cm (39.3”), 63cm (24.8”}, 54cm (21.2”), 45cm (17.8”}, 27cm (10.6”), 18cm (7”), and 9cm (35.4”) options. 
  • Available in stylish black or white. 
  • Measure the opening before deciding on your safety gate. 
  • Simply attach the extension to your gate before installing. 
  • Block off areas of your home rather than having to move potentially dangerous objects out of reach. 
  • Too high for even the most highly spirited children to climb over and too difficult for them to open. 
  • Gates open both ways but can be set to stay open if needed. 
  • One-handed easy opening system. 
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