Summer Travel Survival Tips

Summer travel season is here! Time to pack up, hit the road and enjoy an adventure with your tots in tow. Family vacations are a wonderful time to make memories but traveling with young kids and staying in new environments can be challenging. With a little bit of preparation (and lots of patience!) you can make the journey a wonderful one.

This month we share some tips and product recommendations to make the trip as smooth and stress free as possible. 


Keep Calm and Childproof On!

When traveling with young children, it's important to make sure your hotel room is secure and as safe as can be. Before settling in, take a few minutes to childproof the room. Start by moving any breakable or dangerous items out of reach. If there are cords or wires within reach, tuck them away. Consider bringing along some safety items like outlets covers, door latches and corner protectors for sharp furniture edges. Check that all windows and doors are locked securely, and as always, never leave children unattended. 

Pack Like a Pro 

Nothing ends a fun outing faster than a fussy toddler! Bring along your child’s essentials in a well-stocked bag to keep hunger, thirst and boredom at bay while you are out exploring your vacation destination. Our Strollerbuddy On-the-Go Bag has a large storage compartment for sunblock, wipes, diapers, toys and snacks and comes with two drink holders so you can bring along water bottles or sippy cups to keep you and your little one hydrated. 

Chill Out

When it's hot and humid, a portable fan can be a lifesaver when you are outdoors with your child on warm summer days. A small, battery-operated fan like our EZY Fit Clip On Fan can be clipped onto a stroller or car seat to help keep your kiddo cool and comfortable.

More Dining, Less Whining

When dining out in restaurants, bringing your child's own seat can be a great way to keep them happy during mealtimes. Having familiar items from home can help your child feel more comfortable and secure in an unfamiliar environment. Our lightweight Grab ‘N Go Booster Seat also comes with a handy storage compartment to pack along your child’s favorite cups, cutlery and placemats. 


Wishing you and your family lots of fun in the sun this summer!


Photo: ellis.in_wonderland [IG]